Drinking a beer with friends, eating dinner in a restaurant, taking a walk with your dog, shopping in the supermarket are typical activities people will do on a daily basis. Imagine, you can do this all by yourself, without someone to help or assist you... it's possible. From now on, you can do whatever you want - wherever you go!

The iARM, also known as the intelligent Assistive Robotic Manipulator, is a robotic arm that assists disabled people with a severe handicap in their upper limbs. A significant number of daily activities, which were previously unable to achieve, can be achieved by using the iARM. Due to its broad functionality, it is capable of almost fully compensating the lost arm or hand function of the user.

iARM 3D model

Take a close look at the iARM by exploring the product in 3D using the viewer below. By dragging the slider on the bottom, you are able to freely rotate the iARM.

Using the iARM

The iARM is a mobile robot and is able to be attached to your own wheelchair and is mobile. The iARM weighs only 9 kilos and runs on the same battery as your wheelchair. It can be stowed away when it is not being used, with minimal space requirements. If necessary, the robot is detachable from your wheelchair and can be stored in the special storage casing, which comes included with the iARM.

Since the iARM is a personal device, Exact Dynamics is able to customize certain functions of the iARM to your specific needs. Therefore, several devices to control the iARM have been developed. For instance, the iARM can be controlled by a keypad, a joystick or even by single-button control.


The latest generation of the iARM user interface provides multiple ways by which the iARM can be controlled. There will always be a control method that fits within your current situation. For example, Cartesian, or straight line control, provides an intuitive means to let the robot help you during eating and drinking. By using this menu, the iARM can be controlled to move along straight lines, which prevents spilling - finally you are able to drink and eat by yourself!

Some positions will be used very often by using the iARM. The Macro menu can store up to 12 arbitrary positions of the iARM, chosen by the user. The positions can be recalled, and if you want to, overwritten as many times you want. By pressing just one button, the iARM goes wherever you want it to go.

Even when attending a meeting, there's a control method that fits in the situation. The Pilot menu enables the iARM to draw with a marker on a whiteboard. The hand moves in the direction of the fingers, allowing you to draw a straight line on a flip-over after just a little bit of practice.

iARM Feeder

The iARM is also available as iARM Feeder.

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