Many activities are done by the use of your arms and hands. For most people, it is essential for everyday life, however, it isn't that simple for everyone. You can become quite exhausted if your muscles don't cooperate, but, we have a solution that might help you.

The DAS, also known as the Dynamic Arm Support, is an arm support which makes your arm feel weightless, as it compensates for muscular strength. Lots of daily activities can be done while using the DAS, without becoming tired in your arms.

Using the DAS

The level wherein it compensates the muscle activity is easily adjustable by the user. When using the DAS, you will have more energy left to do the things you enjoy doing. This will definitely enrich your life.

Its design is perfectly useful at work, when eating or drinking, and for other daily activities. The DAS will be attached to your electric wheelchair and runs on the same battery. You can leave it on the wheelchair the whole day, and take it wherever you like.

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